The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The project:

At the far reaches of CORE influence, in space inhabited by the fringes of society, lie wild, lawless sectors filled with unmapped .roid fields, ancient wrecks and unimagined dangers… a place called BorderSpace.

Borderspace is an online persistent open-world first person space flight MMO. The game world starts at the fringe of an established technocratic society (the CORE), and expands outward from there with increasing danger and lawlessness as you proceed further into the gritty frontier and away from established society. Players will be able to fly, fight, trade, mine, explore, build, craft and interact on their own terms in a vast universe of thousands of systems. The economy is an open market where anything in the game can be bought or sold. Unlike other recent games, in BorderSpace there are no pre-set factions and alignments. All players are from a single race. Over time they will form their own factions and alliances.

The story is an old one — one of pioneering spirit, of people with unique courage and vision pushing out to the limits of civilization to carve out their own space. A story that fits perfectly with the game’s sandbox nature.

The dev:

The BorderSpace team largely comes from a dedicated group of players from Jumpgate that date all the way back the game’s original beta stages back in 2000.

Chris (Teeleton) Regan has established Philter GameWorks as lead programmer and designer and seeks to self-publish the title. Our swarthy team of cuthroats, prospectors, and gamblers consists of contributors of story elements (Mark ‘Ambrosius’ Rostien), design (Steve ‘Istvan’ Hartmeyer), client and server code (Gary ‘Smegit’ Ingram, Mathew ‘Sephiroth’ Power, Mike ‘Tikigod’ Ford, and Richard ‘ikonict’ Horvath), concept pieces (Ben ‘kiteman’ Prayogo, Richard ‘dozza’ Dorran), and web integration (David ‘Knossos’ Edwards).

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