The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The project:

Candlelight is a 2D puzzle platformer that takes two characters, a boy and a girl, through a world of strange creatures and forgotten idols. The characters each have a different power: the boy’s lantern permits him to see the world as different from what it is, and the girl’s mask permits her to interact with the animals they encounter. Together, they will acquire new ways to use these tools and explore further, slowly revealing to the player the place they are exploring and the reason they have come there. The game’s aesthetic takes inspiration from traditional shadow puppetry, and the world itself offers multiple paths of exploration, with new areas becoming available as new abilities are acquired. Using both characters simultaneously is often necessary to solve a puzzle, and the player must consider carefully what each one is capable of. By facing the challenges ahead of them, the characters come to know the forces that would keep them from their task and must confront those realities that cannot be escaped or changed.

The dev:

Idle Action Studios is a indie dev team operating out of Cambridge, MA, consisting of Sol (team lead and design lead), Andrew (chief coder), Tess and Angela (artists), and Jacob (audio). All of them have been working on Candlelight in their free time. For all of them, this is their first video game.

The handy link: