The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Falling Dreams


Who are you ?

I’m Mikale Erhart, sixteen years young but I’ve been interested in making games ever since I can remember. I’m an artist mostly, but I have self-taught myself programming. I have been making Flash games for the past four years. My most notable published project is “Leaf Catcher”, which is available for the iPhone, Android and NOOK. The game has had over 20,000 downloads. Everything was made by yours truly except the music.

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

My current game project is called “Falling Dreams”. It is a casual iPhone game idea I have been developing since April this year. I have some of the art assets done already, but I wanted to upgrade to a new game engine before starting development. I have been looking around for tools, and have been considering either the Corona SDK, Stencyl Studio, or Game Maker:Studio. (I currently use Adobe Flash Professional for game dev but it is outdated and I want to find something that is easier to program in.) That’s where a grant might be helpful.