The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The project:

Lootbox is a pixelated HTML5 sandbox game in which you must build and manage a dungeon. Your goal is to lure heroes into your dungeon using money, decorations, monsters and all kinds of objects and artefacts affecting your reputation! Then, use traps, summoned minions, spells and more to kill and loot them. Craft objects using the loot, discover new spells on wizards, loot powerful weapons on warriors and equip them on your minions. Send your minions on promotional campaigns in the outside world to make your dungeon more attractive, or use them to mine rare and useful resources.

An achievement system (based on actual challenging tasks) is provided in order to unlock specific flags, objects, and spells for your dungeon, which you can then pick on the dungeon creation screen.

The powerful dungeon generating tool allows you to set up your objectives, starting resources and all sorts of parameters yourself before starting to play (you can also use balanced presets designed to challenge you in inventive ways, or randomize the parameters for a more unexpected experience).

The dev:

My name is Emeric ‘TinyHat’ Vivet, and I’m a French indie game developer. I’m currently working on my first professional project, LootBox (which I started developing in August), after creating several prototypes and participating in a bunch of gamejams. I’ve taken on gamedev about a year ago or so, after realizing it was a way to concile all of my fields of interests. Being a musician, a 2d and 3d artist, and an amateur writer, and of course, a gamer, it seemed as the logical thing to do, and I haven’t changed my mind since then.

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