The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The project:

Our game is called Optix. The name is taken from Isaac Newton’s paper “Opticks: A treatise of the […] Colours of Light”.

Optix is a 2D game for touch screen devices and is being built for simultaneous release on iOS and Android. The player controls Isaac, a jellyfish who must navigate through a series of tanks and chambers, absorbing colours and mixing them inside his body. Each chamber has a target colour that Isaac must become to move to the next, so if there is an orange target, Isaac must collect the red and yellow colours to progress. The player flicks isaac from his starting point to the target, carefully aiming him so that he can bounce off of the carefully positioned walls in the chamber. It is possible (though not always easy) to complete each level in one move. The game is currently in an alpha build and is operating smoothly. The audio and sound effects work by assigning different notes in a scale to different colour, so chords are made up of compound colours and melodies are played as colours are collected.

The IDG will enable us to publish, market and bring the game to a wider audience.

The dev:

Bzzz are currently a 3-person team composing of Maciej Dudzinski, a games programmer; Inese Vira, a freelance 3D artist; and Michael Bowerman, an audio designer. Maciej and Michael founded Bzzz to enter the Virgin Media 100 day game project and were successful in reaching the final round of the competition. The final round saw them pitch a game called FYRFLZ to a panel of industry experts, a game that shared the core colour mixing mechanic of Optix. Maciej & Michael have previously worked together on several successful student projects and Inese has designed Feed Me on Windows Phone (release TBA).

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