The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Project Monwo


The project:

Abra lives in a small desert town with the love of her life and, a few doors away from her, her aging mother, once a legendary hero. One night, as Abra and her love, Nuri, are asleep in their home, bandits come looking for the necklace Abra’s mother gave her as a child. The bandits steal the necklace and kidnap Nuri. It is up to Abra and her mother’s old axe to recover the jeweled necklace and her love.

The dev:

The team is comprised of an international group of mostly first time developers. The various backgrounds of the development team include theatre, technical theatre, film, jazz, painting, and comic books. Our goal is to explore the fantastical aspects of the Arabian Nights, as well as to capture an art direction and an old culture not often represented in games.

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