The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Red Rover


The project:

Red Rover is a first-person exploration game inspired by Myst, Proteus, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The game uses actual topographical data collected by NASA from Mars orbit to allow players to walk on a faithful recreation of the red planet’s surface. Additionally, however, the player’s exploration will uncover surreal elements in the landscape which will lead them through an original narrative outlining the course of humanity’s voyage from Terra to Mars. Visiting locales from both planets (and others in between), and exploring the interrelationships that exist between them, the game will – with a balance of hard, speculative science-fiction and contemplative, first-person exploration – encourage players to look at Mars in a new light: not as an alien world, but as a new home. Red Rover is currently in early pre-alpha stages, and needs further funding in order to complete a more fleshed-out prototype for iteration and review.

The dev:

I recently left a reasonable but unrelated day job to go “full indie” — meaning in this case that I work from a friend’s bedroom and try not to annoy the latter’s cats. In my spare time, I help organise the Mount Royal Game Society, a supportive community of independent and hobbyist game developers in Montreal.

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