The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



Who are you ?

We are Loft Games, a small UK based indie studio made up of 4 young people, each working on induvidual projects. We are primarily known for our RPGs and platformers but are interested in expanding. We may be young but we have been producing interactive software for over two decades when you combine our experience and we believe our fresh, new ideas could genuinely bring indie gaming to a new era, just as titles like Castle Crashers, Super Meat Boy and Minecraft have before.

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

We plan to use the money to complete our unfinished FPS, RubyFire. RubyFire is an FPS which, hopefully, will make you think less of annual console series and more of genuine classics. Due to budget constraints, we have been keeping RubyFire in a dormant state for a few months now but are keen to get back on track with an aim of a release in Q3 2013.

While this is our first foray into the market of indie FPS, we hope that with your help and assitence, we can create an interactive experience with diverse gameplay as well as a strong plot, something we are taking very seriously, to the point that we plan on employing some of our more literally competent friends to create a diverse plot without holding back the progression of the gameplay. We plan to include open world sections, as well as closed levels and, should we be given sufficient funds, multiplayer segments, hosted on Loft servers.

We believe that RubyFire is perhaps one of the best games you could possibly support and you know your money will be going somewhere good. Instead of wasting money on expensive and pointless equipment, we plan to keep relatively low budget while still producing a great game.

What would happen to any excess money though? The fairest thing possible of course, it will be reinvested in future BiaB Indie Dev Grants.
Thank you for your time and I truly hope you consider Loft Games worthy of the Indie Dev Grant.