The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Super Kung Fu Volleyball


The project:

Super Kung Fu Volleyball is an intense over-the-top volleyball fighting game. Players engage each other in pure volleyball combat for battlefield supremacy. Is your opponent setting himself up for a smash? Super jump over the net, spin kick the ball right back into
his face and nimbly air dash back to your side of the court before touching the ground, as it is dishonourable to touch another player’s side of the court. Skilled players will engage in aerial rallys, smashing the ball back and forth several times before touching the ground. However, the longer a rally lasts the more unstable the ball becomes, which in turn makes it harder to control.

Super Kung Fu Volleyball could be described as Smash Bros. meets Street Fighter meets Volleyball. My aim is to provide players with excellent aerial control and tight fighting game mechanics in a volleyball game.

The dev:

Super Kung Fu Volleyball is being developed by me, Bronson Zgeb, co-founder of KO-OP Mode, a small new games studio based out of Montreal, Quebec. Before founding KO-OP Mode, I worked on MMORPGs at Funcom, and developed games at two of Concordia University’s media labs: TAG and Obx.

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