The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

The Thought Saved for Last


Who are you ?

My name is Igor Hardy. I run A Hardy Developer’s Journal ( – which, surprisingly, may be the only blog around devoted specifically to funky indie adventure games. I’ve also written, co-designed and co-painted the surreal, grotesque alcohol trip murder suspense mystery adventure game Snakes of Avalon ( that you may or may have not heard about. Have a look at it, if you haven’t – it’s free.

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

A new game of mine! Since Snakes of Avalon’s release I’ve been working on building innovative point & click adventure game interfaces that harken back to interactive fiction (but not the typing part!), while offering new ways of insight into the main characters’ minds. The first of the games I’m building is going to be called The Thought Saved for Last. It puts you in the middle of a Twilight Zone like situation.

A nameless, faceless man arrives at a strange bus stop late at night, his bus running off just before he comes. He’s going back from work and his head is filled with thoughts that connect into more and less sensible stories. But something starts to happen around the man and inside him as well. Slowly, little by little his mind starts to shrink – literally rot away…. You – the player, take control of the man in a desperate attempt to get out of there in time to save himself. However, you control him through the thoughts in his shrinking mind, in a game that combines elements of adventure game, turn-based board game, interactive fiction and even some aspects of a roguelike. The single thought you choose to keep safe in his/your head until the very end (you keep having less and less space to keep them) will decide the character’s ultimate fate, and multiple plays will be required to discover all the endings, all of the mysteries of the setting as well as to learn if and how it all connects to the strange character himself.
What could I use the Indie Dev Grant for? A lot actually. Currently I’m working on the game only after work as a hobbyist. The core of it is mostly done and coded, except for a number of additional paths and a few layers of writing polish. But the graphics are still at an early stage and take a lot of time to create. I’ve trained myself to create hand-drawn background art and animations that I feel truly serve the game’s unusual atmosphere, but I’d love to hire someone to help me with miscellaneous art and any secondary work that will make the project progress faster and look better. And there’s the crucial issue of producing sounds and music that really make the ambiance. Those aspects will be taken care of by Thomas Regin with whom I previously worked on Snakes (you may recognize him also as a composer for many Wadjet Eye adventure games). But it’s a huge job and funding would help here immensely. Finally, while it won’t be a talky game, we’ll need some good quality voice-overs.
In general the better the project is funded (if it is funded at all), the more it is certain that its potential will be fulfilled. And like I mentioned at the beginning, I have some really cool plans about where to go from this game, so finishing this properly is an important step that will lead to many more projects.