The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Tweet Galaxy

Who are you ?

My name is JP and I am a relatively unknown indie game developer in Toronto, Canada. My ‘company’ is – I put it in quotes because it’s barely an official registered company with no profit margin to speak of. I make freeware games, mostly, and I teach part-time at a college to help keep the lights on at my home.

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

The game I’d like the IDG’s financial backing for is Tweet Galaxy. What is Tweet Galaxy? I’m glad you asked! Tweet Galaxy is a Shmup which pulls friends and enemies from Twitter and keeps track of top performers on a server-side leaderboard. Those tweeps who lead the high scores will appear as very strong AI bosses. If you can defeat them, you will take their place on the leaderboard and become the next feared power in the Twitterverse. The game is coded in HTML5/JavaScript and will be freeware.