The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

We’d like to enter Burst! in the IDG program, last year we made a 2D Flash proof of concept and we’ve recently begun redoing the entire game in 3D in Unity based off of user feedback.

In the original Burst!, we had players queue up fireworks then blow them up to the beat. In the new version, we’re redesigning the gameplay so players just detonate the fireworks (no queueing required) so that the focus can be more on the fireworks themselves. We already have several garage bands lined up to provide music and are looking for more. We also support what we call an ‘educational lite’ element in Burst!. Educational lite means the game doesn’t prep people for school tests but still naturally incorporates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) or History into the gameplay to increase player comfort with STEM/History topics. In the case of Burst!, as players progress they unlock elements off of the Periodic Table to increase their color palates, and these are the same elements that give fireworks their corresponding colors in real life. We also allow players to design their own ‘special shell’ that lets them put their own unique design in the sky.

The Team:

Our team started officially in 2006 as a way for my brother (Trevor Hughes, 6 years younger) and I to take our lives back after our family lost everything when Trev was diagnosed with severe kidney failure in 2002 (he’s had over 60 surgeries since then and is currently on the transplant list). Since starting, we’ve had a lot of work done and are now at a place where we’re making Burst!, a fighting game tech demo called Shattered Soul and also teach kids game design in schools through Sony’s LittleBigPlanet 2. We also were paid to make an educational level pack for LBP2 that taught STEM through rides and roller coasters.

The Video:

The Site: