The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Dog Sled Saga


The Project:

In Dog Sled Saga, you race with your team of dogs, whose speed is determined by their hunger, which you suppress by lobbing a limited supply of food to them. A variety of hazards on the track make this difficult.

Placing well in races earns you money, which you can use to hire new dogs, pay dues for higher racing leagues, or buy items to bulk up you team. Dogs who are treated well will improve in skill, while dogs who are neglected will diminish.

You will need to learn the non-verbal way in which your dogs communicate with you to succeed, in and out of races.

The Team:

Dog Sled Saga is made by a two person team. Liska_B specializes in visuals and setting, while Dan handles programming, game design, and audio. This is our first attempt at a commercial game after several experiments as hobbyists, and we’re very excited by the game concept, the results, and the response so far. However, we’re beginning to butt against our limited time, and time is money for people who make a living off of contract/freelance work.

The Video:

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