The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Galactose: Pastries in Space


The Project:

Galactose is a three dimensional space shooter/RTS hybrid that chronicles the war between Dinner and Dessert. The player can join the battle in roles ranging from piloting a single fighter drone to commanding the fleet from a god’s eye view, allowing them to experience all scales of the action.

In drone-mode, the player remotely pilots an individual ship and thrown right in fray, dodging missiles, taking out hamburger fighters, and defending their mothership from broccoli bombers. On the other end is the command view, where the player is given RTS style controls to evaluate the tactical landscape and command their fleet accordingly. In any given view the player can turn or orient themselves in any way they want; there is no “up” in space.

Galactose aims to have a fun, light-hearted theme but still with gameplay that can be taken seriously. Those potato point defenses are serious threat, but you’ll have to take care of them if you want your banana split guided missile cruisers to be of any help. We recommend starting with a light tutorial and then working your way up from there, preferably consulting a dietitian before taking on the never ending all-you-can-eat mode!

The Team:

I’m the project lead, and one of the programmers, John. We have a reasonably small team of currently seven people at the moment. There is David, who is the other programmer, his specialty is the AI. We have an audio guy, Matthew Pablo, who produced the music used in our game, and did some of our sound effects. Mignonne is our 2d artist, she is helping revise our UI and background graphics. Finally, we have three 3d artists, Sid, Melissa and Rob. They are in charge of creating our game-ready 3D models and texturing them to compliment our current art style.

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