The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Gunbox is an online multiplayer arena coop platformer shooter. Your goal is to survive a mass onslaught of enemies in a place called The Outland. The Outland really has nothing going for it except for Gunbox which is a television show broadcasted to everyone in the world (or universe or something). The longer the contestants survive, the more enemies they will face in the arena.

The Team:

The game is being created by me (poe) and Rasse, it was a project I started last year but then rewrote for my February #1GAM; I do plan on continuing the game however, to make it more content complete and more of a game. In the past I made Six Sided Sanctuary, which was a 3D puzzle game.

The Video:

The Demo: (direct link)

The Site: