The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Build a home, build a community, build HOPE.

Hope is a first person, world and community building roleplaying game. Set in the junkpunk world of EverSky, where people live on flying structures known as “rigs”. Your role is to help build the community on a rig called “Hope”, using a wide variety of tools. You will build, enhance and maintain the rig, whilst trading, crafting and socializing with the rigs inhabitants.

EverSky is an alternate world where everything is made from salvage. The rules of physics and the laws of entropy work differently in EverSky, as you will learn as you master the physics-powered gravity gun, the remote control “build drone” and a whole array of other such tools, which allow you as a player the complete freedom to build out the rig to your own design.

You are not alone on the rig, nor is your rig alone in the world. Spend time socializing, or trading with other rigs in order to build up funds to buy new enhancements for your home. Win over the people on the rig and watch as their respect grows for your dedication to their home.

The Team:

After leaving Team17 in 2004 after working on the Worms franchise for 8 years, I spent time as an AI researcher and lecturer. Now I’ve decided to put that research into practice in a game that does something unique. Using physics-based world building and social character AI, I want to make HOPE a game world that players want to make their home.

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