The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Monkey vs Robots


The Project:

Monkey vs Robots is a casual puzzle game with pixelart graphics and some mid-nineties retro feeling, with a gameplay similar to Puzzle-Bubble or Arkanoid.

We’ve already released a lite version (or demo if you will) some months ago for different mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android and Pandora, and a Windows one which was only a scaled up version of our game for mobiles.

We were hoping, if the reception were good enough, to be able to add more content and create a full version to be sold at the minimum price in AppStore and Google Play. We haven’t decided that by the time because the three of us had full-time jobs at the same company, which is shutting down the office in 4 months. So we thought it was a good chance to focus on the game now.

Our goal is to add more stages, enemies, ball types, etc. Basically, more content, but also we want to make a new version for bigger screens (PC and tablets) and an OUYA version, if possible, since we already have experience with Android.

The Demo:

The Site: