The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Pavilion is a fourth person exploratory experience about guidance, influence and subliminal control. As the player, you have no direct control over the main character but can indirectly steer him towards a destination by either manipulating physical objects in the world or interacting with light, sound or other subliminal elements. These interactions will then affect the main character’s perception, behavior and traversal of the environment while choosing a path towards his destination.

This premise of not controlling the main character has proven to harbor a lot of game design depth and given us a wide range of puzzles that connects not only to the player and the character but also to the world and the narrative. And rather than having the most difficult kind of puzzles we want to communicate a new dynamic or concept behind each level, creating a fluent and none repetitive experience.

The Hand-Painted 2D world of Pavilion will be filled with surreal and beautiful environments that, alongside the dreamy music, hopefully make for an immersive experience out of the ordinary. If things go according to plan you will explore Pavilion around the end of 2013.

The Team:

Visiontrick Media is a small two men team consisting of Japan based programmer Henrik Flink and Swedish based artist Rickard Westman. For Pavilion we also have on board US based musician Tony Gerber who is providing amazing music. Pavilion is our first independent feature and we are really excited about bringing the gaming world something new, immersive, and beautiful. Being a small team scattered all around the world requires a lot of hard work and we definitely need all the support we can get.

The Video:

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