The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Deep Space Dookie


The Project:

Excerpt from my game story:

The story follows young Dookie trapped aboard a doomed space ship, which is heading for a black hole. In an attempt to request help from anyone the ship has become infested with aliens, pirates and crazy robots who want to strip the ship of its possesions. The last few crew of the starship need to transport all ‘Organic’ and ‘Free Range’ life off the ship via the escape pods, spare ships and the flotilla of alien vessels which are attached. In an attempt to escape the black hole the crew activate the a mysterious ‘Star Relay’ that they found whilst mining an asteroid they collected on their journey. When activated the Star Relay pulled Dookie from his home planet on board this mysterious ship.

The game will be a side scrolling 2D adventure game where the hero has to collect and deliver items, solve puzzles and battle enemies. The game is heavily based on the adventures of Dizzy and with the recent failure of ‘Dizzy Returns’ to get funding through Kickstarter I have now taken upon myself to fill the void in my life. Hopefully the Oliver Twins will not mind be creating a homage to their little egg.

The game will touch on many of the major Sci Fi movies over the past 30 years and have nod to films such as Star Gate, Star Wars, Predator and even Prometheus.

The Team:

The team is currently me. I am in marketing by day but at night I run which is a game graphic online store for budding developers. I currently have about 5 games on the App Store that I have learned a lot of lessons from. I have many friends and colleagues all ready to work on this project but I just need to get funding in order to get the ball rolling… I am also an avid games blogger at

The Site: