The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Goldwingu is a vertically scrolling, old-school shoot’em up with light tactical elements and a campaign mode for more strategic flavour. Goldwingu is developed on Java (6->), using Light Weight Java Game Library, which narrows the platforms in runs on to PC, Mac, Linux and Solaris.

Most of the technical groundwork is more or less complete and focus is being shifted toward adding and honing playable content (enemies, their movement, achievements, weapons and their upgrades). Some of the game mechanics (e.g. orders for enemy movement) are accessible through a settings file.

The game will also introduce (and develop) a new genre called technomachobullshit. TMBS can be characterized with displays of force (as opposed to just using it), military speak and operating and functioning of machinery, among other things.

The Team:

Goldwingu has just one developer. I am a former IT-consultant who at one point of his last project came to the realization that it’s now or never and I took the leap and became a game developer. I believe that computer games are the most expressive art we have and all the other arts merely special cases of computer games.

I hope that Half Life 3 never gets published. We deserve better. Yes, I’m bit of a snob.

The Download:

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