The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

The game is an attempt to create a hacking simulator that evokes the imagery of William Gibson’s Neuromancer. Players will attempt to interface with and crack the Intrusion Counter Measures (ICE) as represented by the blue cubes with an ICEBreaker probe. As the player dives further in to the the system, the AI systems controlling the ICE will send in various attacks and anti-virus programs that will attempt to cut off the the player’s probe program from the outside. The AI will then send a counter-virus to the player’s “system”, causing catastrophic overload of the player’s “meat brain” and game over.

The aim is to take influence from other hacking simulators such as Hacker Evolution, the hacking mini-games in AAA titles such as Deus Ex:HR and Mass Effect, but to move beyond the “meat” aspect of tho games into the “consensual hallucination” of Gibson’s Matrix.

The Team:

Patrion Digital is the studio name of Patrick Davis. Patrick hails from the West Coast of Canada but currently lives in Nagoya, Japan with his wife and two children.
A lifetime of influence from Japanese culture and games has led to Patrick participating in and supporting the indie game development scene along with members of the IGDA Japan chapter.

The Site: