The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

King Randall’s Party


The Project:

King Randall’s Party is a side-scrolling fortress defense game where you build your defenses block-by-block, from the ground up, to defend the Royal Treasury from… the King!

King Randall MCXXXVIII has just been crowned and has decided to throw a massive coronation party. You, playing as the Royal Treasurer, cannot allow the kingdom’s precious funds from being spent in such a frivolous manner – especially during such hard economic times; the King must be stopped! Using your McGuyver like skills, you will create different traps and obstacles – deforming the game-worlds terrain – to impede the enemy progress. Meanwhile, the enemy will build bridges, dig tunnels, construct ladders in order to circumnavigate each level and get to the treasury. Can you stop them? Probably not, but you and your automatic quill throwers and pillow-stuffed spring traps certainly will try!

The Team:

Jesse Crafts-Finch, or Gorilla One, is an adventurer, inspector, and tactical genius. Or something like that. Well, whatever he is, he has been making games professionally since 2005, and worked on games such as Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends, CIV IV: Warlords and Beyond the Sword, Sid Meier’s Railroads!, and various educational titles. Now on his own, he hopes to create games that will make the public snort with laughter. Like pigs. Pigs that play video games. Ok, bad analogy.

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