The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Private Infiltrator


The Project:

Private Infiltrator is an arcade-like Stealth game with a distinct neo-noir art style. The game focuses on simple and easy to grasp mechanics; your objective is to avoid contact with any enemy and infiltrate the depths of their base. The game’s complexity and difficulty comes from the varying level design, different gadgets and abilities to choose from, and endless combinations of enemies and obstacles!

Private Infiltrator’s goal is to take what you knew and loved in older stealth games and expand upon them, while keeping a difficult, old-fashioned and satisfying experience for fans of the genre.

Private Infiltrator is filled with references, humor and story for the attentive player. Two major corporations fight invisible wars over generations of spies. To discover their true motives the player must go out of his way to hunt down hidden information, secrets and piece together the outcome of the game.

Open development assures that all feedback and community requests will be considered – Join the conversation and tell the maker of the game what YOU enjoy, and what you prefer to be changed! It is Independent gaming with no limits.

The Team:

Espionage Noir is a small videogame developer/publisher, and consists of three people. Professor Snake is in charge of the projects and tackles almost everything, from the programming to the music. Chris S. Liaros has been the Deus Ex machina in the area of 3D modelling, providing invaluable help with his ability to produce high quality 3D models at incredibly fast speeds. Last but not least, Milky Coffee is behind the wonderful box-art and character portraits

The Video:

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