The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages


The Project:

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy not very far away, Ring Runner began as a passion project of two starry-eyed amateurs. After five years of hard work, it has grown into a massive love letter to video games both classic and modern. With one foot firmly in a retro aesthetic, Ring Runner takes a bold step forward for the genres of space shooters and action-RPGs, combining the best elements of both.

The fast-paced, visceral action of a space shooter is apparent right away, but a little dig beneath the surface will expose the beating heart of a true RPG, with lively characters, fantastic Sci Fi concepts, and a 20-hour long story-driven campaign that’s based on a full-length Sci Fi novel, seven years in the writing. Become a science-wizard; become a Sage!

Replayability is one of Ring Runner’s greatest qualities, with 65 customizable hulls and hundreds of unique skills that are never made obsolete. Once you’ve mastered your skills in the campaign, there are several multiplayer scenarios for you to challenge, such as Wave Survival, a MOBA-like base battle, and a Gladiatorial gauntlet that pits you against procedurally generated bosses. Go competitive or play cooperatively, the choice is yours!

The Team:

Triple.B.Titles is comprised of brothers Paul and Enrique Dryere. Paul handles the programming, and Enrique handles everything else. Courtney, Enrique’s wife, is a recent addition to the team, providing the project with much needed character artwork. The team appeared on IGN’s Next Game Boss, where they made it as far as the finals.

Passion has its price. Despite holding other full-time jobs, the team has accrued over $100,000 in debt. The Indie Dev Grant would help stave off the loan sharks just long enough to give Ring Runner the polish it needs to succeed and satisfy its growing fan base.

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