The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Super Hematoma


The Project:

Super Hematoma is a retro beat-em-up brawler with a focus on having you pitted against your friends (or random jerks from the “internet”) in brutal street fights. Whether you decide to go it solo or with a team, your Bruiser will be able to bash, bludgeon, and bust-up your opponents using your bare hands, a variety of weapons, or even by throwing around the body of that last dude who stood in your way. With a variety of arenas and game play modes to choose from, you’ll be knocking knuckles with the best of them for hours on end. Think you got what it takes to come out on top?

The Team:

Matthew Langille and Stephen Tucker have been playing games since they developed the powers of long-term memory. Now that they’re “adults” they’re currently working together to make a foray into the world of indie development. By day, Matthew is employed full-time as a software engineer in Vancouver. He pulls together whatever spare time he can on evenings and weekends to work on game development at Sprixelsoft; while Stephen, who comes with several years of experience working as a visual effects artist for feature film, is currently working full-time on Sprixelsoft’s first major project: the retro beat-em-up inspired brawler, Super Hematoma.

The Video:

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