The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

The Fourth Man


The Project:

Brighton, 1964. Against a background of sweeping changes to the fabric of the seaside town and its population, Lily Porter, Brighton’s only lady private detective, sets off a series of events that result in a violent struggle for control of the Brighton underworld. Can she escape the consequences of her actions, and unravel the mysteries of the Blue Moon cult? Pitched against dark forces beyond her control, can Lily unmask the 4th Man, and get her life back?

The Fourth Man is an episodic RPG adventure in 6 parts, packed with the fashion, music and culture of the 1960s, all cooked up with a distinctly British sauce. Expect oodles of detective work, tricky environmental puzzles and a gamut of spicy Brighton denizens: mods, rockers, squares, hepcats, late bus drivers, not to mention the troglodytes living under the South Downs.

The game will be a new take on the RPG genre – this is a game more about brains than brawn, and will feature a novel progression system which not only enhances your character but the world around them. Set in an alternate Brighton, it will feature real world locations and colourful characters from Brighton’s past, as well as incorporating some “what might have beens”.

The Team:

Pie and Mash is the two man tag team of Tim Frost (Art Monkey) and Owen Bennett (Director of Typing). Tim has worked on no less than 4 BAFTA award winning animation series, whilst Owen has been programming since he was 8 years old. Together, we are wannabe game makers with a love for adventure gaming, weird folk tales and good Sussex Ale.

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