The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Where is Pixel?


The Project:

Where is Pixel? is a minimalistic adventure / search game. Travel the world and find your friend Pixel who’s gone missing in all sorts of environments. It’s inspired by McPixel and taking the whole parody a step further by parodying a popular series of children literature. Pixel has no gender.

The principal idea was to create a search picture game with a minimalistic look. This was used to visualize a story that has only a few levels so far. It is planned to grow to 100 levels, a journey around the world and beyond. The game was created for Ludum Dare #26 in April 2013.

The Team:

Ananasblau Games soley consist of Thomas R. Koll. He is making games since 2010, plenty of game jams later the counter nears 20 games.

Thomas’ dayjob is developing web applications, hence a strong tendency to pure scripting
languages like Lua. He’s been a Wikipedia admin before, participates at an annual creative media arts festival, is a regular at the local hackerspace and now helps run a small game show in Linz called GameStage.

The Video:

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