The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

β€œIn my feverish dreams my wife appears as such a lovely creature, so far removed from this creation before me. Her cheeks, once so full of laughter, are now pale almost to the point of transparency with the skin stretched so thin over the cranium it threatens to rip any moment. Her eyes would shine like the night sky, but are now empty, watery and yellowish.

I have to cling to my conviction that she will regain her former grace and vitality, once she is brought back to life.”

This is the story about Doctor Frans von Strauss and his wife Belladonna. After the tragic loss of their newborn child doctor von Strauss becomes obsessed with the idea of using science to find a way to conquer death and create life. Meanwhile Belladonna is left to find her own way of dealing with the grief.

Take the role of a recently reanimated corpse, and unravel the mystery of Belladonna and her husband Frans, as the dead are brought back to life and the living are not to be trusted. Passion, betrayal, murder – and reanimation!

Belladonna is a mystery point-and-click adventure in classic style. Items, puzzles, and a truly scary story.

The Team:

Belladonna is created by a single person; Niklas Hallin. Niklas works as a freelance game artist as part of a team called Villains for Hire. Working for clients gives food on the table, but little opportunity to create the weird ghosts and spooky madmen that occupies his mind, so in his spare time he also tries to create games by himself. He currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Video:

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