The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Courier of the Crypts


The Project:

Courier of the Crypts is a 2D puzzle-adventure-action game with a twist and dark ambient. You play a role of a young courier that undertakes simple delivery for the custodian of the crypts which soon turns out into a deadly advneture.

In the game, your magic torch is your friend. It will keep you warm in the cold crypts and safe from all the bad spirits that you will encounter in the lost dungeons. In order to complete each map, you will have to find the exit before your flame runs out. That won’t be easy though, because ancient parts of the crypts were sealed so no one could find out the forbidden secrets below. You’ll be facing vicious spiders, ancient mummies, tricky mechanisms and traps placed there for unwelcome guests like you. I hope you’re not afraid of these because there is much more lurking in the darkness of the crypts. Remember, use your torch and oil urns wisely or you may end up part of crypts.

Will you discover the darkest secrets of the crypts and finish the delivery?

The Team:

Behind Emberheart Games there is a single developer from Slovenia who somehow manages to work on everything besides the sound and music (in his free time, yep). After many small personal projects, he “established” the studio with one goal, to make one awesome game – Courier of the Crypts. Grant would help me to get on steam greenlight and pay the composer for more ambiental music. Money will be well spent and I need your help to make Courier of the Crypts one great experience.

The Link: