The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Cube Drop


The Project:

The game is a simple 3D isometric puzzle game where you must go from point A to point B.  The interesting part of the game comes in the form of a new game mechanic I call “relative gravity” which is really only understood after playing a few levels.  The game has a great start and every level introduces a new feature/obstacle that the player must get through.  The game is in its early prototype stages with a few playable levels.  The grant would help in getting an artist on the team and would give me more of a chance to put in more levels/obstacles/props and more!  Multi-player support for levels that require two people to finish, stunning audio/visual effects, a soundtrack, and more to come with the help of Bundle in a Box.

The Team:

The team consists of me, myself and I.  I am looking to hire an artist and grab another programmer.  With a team of three and a bit of funding, the game could really grow into something amazing.

The link: