The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Myriad is a game about making and breaking worlds, where you don’t just play but perform.

You build the stage for your performance, living geometry shaped by your actions and decisions. Space is malleable. You can grab the ground from under your feet and fly.

The rules are simple. Enemies chase you, and you must destroy them — but doing so only multiplies their numbers.

Defeated enemies leave behind space you can control, manipulate and detonate. Explode space in great chain reactions to upgrade your weapons and do it all again.

Your performance conducts a synthesized symphony, ebbing and flowing in tune with your every move, as you make a world. Then break it.


The Team:

My name is Erlend Grefsrud, and I have been developing games professionally since 2009, currently as independent developer and freelancer.

Myriad is my first solo project, the kind of game I got into development in the hopes of one day making. It’s an experiment in kinaesthetics, player agency and the plasticity of game rules.


The Video:


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