The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Noverat is a story-driven RPG with the mission to offer a compelling story intermingled with action oriented gameplay.

The game is based on a whole new fantasy world, with the action taking place in Kalandria, a land once under the care of the Shapers, divinities wielding Mist magic.

During the past few years, caught between the ruthless Merchants Guild and the secretive Engineers Guild, many inhabitants of Kalandria have left the safety of the four Cities to turn to banditry. Among the turmoil a new faction has now risen, the Forgotten, those still faithful to the Shapers, and many feel there is something ominous about them.

In Noverat, you play as Jay’Dan, a blacksmith who inadvertently embarks on a journey across Kalandria, exploring ancient places and facing numerous dangers, old and new.

Besides combo based combat and complex forging, you get to encounter many interesting characters. They each have their own tale weaving into the main storyline and present you with choices lacking black-and-white morality. These choices, the way in which you handle events and quests, and your usage of skills and weapons, all determine your character’s development.

The Team:

The core team here at Tavern Games consists of Ana (programming, story) and John (art direction). We’ve dedicated our entire time to Noverat, our first independent project. Our goal is to create a game for RPG lovers who enjoy a good story with a lot of original lore in the background. Plus multiple and varied ways of handling events and quests, secrets to uncover, and unexpected consequences to your actions.

We will be releasing a demo for Noverat soon, so check out our IndieDB page for updates!

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