The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Ravenstorm: Rift of Souls


The Project:

It’s a turn-based, tactical, fantasy Role-Playing Game, primarily for PC and advanced mobile devices. With endless opportunities for character development and highly complex game mechanics, Ravenstorm: Rift of Souls is deeply loyal to the classic tabletop RPGs. Imagine gameplay inspired by Rolemaster and Dungeons & Dragons packaged in a digital format inspired by great games like XCOM and Fallout 1+2. We want to bring the classic tabletop experience to the mobile digital age.

The story of Ravenstorm: Rift of Souls is set in the city of Nordgaard. The House of Ravenstorm has always served as keeper and protector of Nordgaard – warding off aggressors hungry for the treasures guarded by the mighty city walls. A new threat suddenly materialized, a Rift, where strange and deadly creatures started to emerge from, terrorizing the city. Nordgaard is now truly under siege from a threat that is growing – a threat that sees far beyond the great city of the north. And so Halgir Ravenstorm, Lord of Nordgaard, has sent word to all corners of the world and all civilized races: come to the aid of Nordgaard in the war against the evil tides!

The Team:

The Ravenstorm Team is comprised of GameMasterz, GhostVFX, and Ministi. GameMasterz was founded by two friends, game-designer Rasmus and CEO (glorified admin monkey) Stefan– two tabletop fantasy RPG enthusiasts. GameMasterz shares an office with Ghost, which was founded by Jeppe, Aksel, and Martin in 1999. Ghost’s work spans the entire post production package, and can be seen in more than 30 movies and a thousand-plus commercials. On Ravenstorm, Ghost will be working closely with Cinematics Director Kun Chang from Ubisoft (Watch Dogs).  Ministi will provide the soundscape and has worked on many of Scandinavia’s biggest movie productions in recent years.

The Video:

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