The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Rebirth is a procedural survival horror sandbox game inspired by the likes of H.P Lovecraft, Silent Hill and Amnesia. Rebirth has been Greenlit on Steam and aims to successfully combine horror and action by using Day and Night as integral parts of gameplay. During the day Rebirth plays like a survival horror shooter with emphasis on survival. At night the game takes a turn for horror. Rebirth features procedurally generated horror events, buildings, and dungeons as well as procedural events and dynamic AI. We are creating a horror game that changes every time you play!

  • Full Body Awareness – Look down, see your body. Check your body for injuries.
  • AI with senses, goals and advanced behaviors. They hunt you, hear you, and interact with each other.
  • Emergent gameplay – Random events scattered throughout the world. Perhaps you’ll walk into a house and the door will suddenly lock behind you, leaving you at the mercy of whatever vengeful entity lives within!
  • Survival based gameplay – Scavenge. Find food, weapons, medical supplies, ammo, fuel, and scavenge for shelter. Try to survive the night.
  • Barricade yourself and fortify a position.
  • RPG and Roguelike elements

The Team:

Dead Man Walking is group made up of a handful of people from all over the world. We work together through the magical powers of the internet tubes with the hopes of creating the game experiences we, as gamers, would like to see in games.

We pour all of our spare time and money into this project and have built all the systems entirely from scratch. We hope to use any funds from IDG to add things like Occulus Rift support as well as to pay for additional software to help us make the game better and better.

The Video:

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