The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Oh no! After all manner of important spacework, our dutiful astronauts have found themselves scattered across the solar system, stranded on planets far from their homes. They can do naught but gaze upon the twinkling of their homeworlds against the blackness… until the SPACETRAIN arrives.

In a flash, it’s back out along the tracks, a daisy chain of astronauts in tow. Where a more conventional sort of train might slowly pull into its destination stop and ensure a careful unloading, the SPACETRAIN has no time for such dalliances. The most skilled SPACETRAIN engineers use inertia and timing to send their passengers on ahead, flinging them tumbling off through open space towards their destination. As long as they land back home, it’s a job well done. And there are ever more systems in need of the SPACETRAIN.

The Team:

Having spent many hours analyzing and enjoying games of all sorts, berv thought it was high time he got his feet wet with development. Hoo boy is there a lot to learn. But bit by bit it gets easier. Working alone, SPACETRAIN is an attempt to apply his learnings and push them through to a finished and enjoyable (and saleable?) product.

The Playable Version:

The Link: