The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Zillion Code


The Project:

Zillion Code is an action platformer with more emphasis on the action part. The game features a combo system, skill/weapon upgrades and stat based character progression. The main feature is the protagonist’s main weapon which is a grappling claw which can be used to attack enemies as well as to climb onto a higher platforms. The game is set in a world where a machine like organism called bit fairy coexists with humans. As ages pass, some of these human and bit fairies develop an affinity for each other and can combine into a more powerful being. Things quickly go out of control when a mad scientist manages to solve the mystery behind this evolution and mass produces the effect to create an army super powered terrorists.

The Team:

I enjoy making 2D games, I only recently finished Princess’ Edge, a 2D beat’em up with an amazon theme inspired from Golden Axe with magic (the magic system is more similar to Bareknuckle 3 instead of Golden Axe though) and the Dragon Riding System. The trailer is available here and here: Now I’m looking forward to expanding the game engine some more and challenging myself by making an action platformer. Making a game alone is not easy, that’s why your support is much appreciated!

The Link: