The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

_speed_ is a high speed anti gravity combat racing game. Pilot can choose to race from one of 12 teams or design their own craft from colours to stats. At the moment pilots can navigate 6 circuits (12 including revers versions) in 4 different gamemodes from time trial to eliminator, by release we hope to have around 12 circuits (24 including reverse) and 8 gamemodes to choose from.

_speed_ will features two ways to play, career mode will send pilots through a progression based campaign completing tournaments, earning money and upgrading your craft. Arcade mode has everything unlocked from the start allowing you to practice any circuit on any mode straight away. We also have plans for leaderboards for every circuit, speed class, and gamemode allowing you to compete for the fastest time and post them online.
As previously mentioned pilots will be able to customise their craft from design to colour, and stats. Select a base design then patterns, details and colours which allow you to create your own craft.

The Team:

_speed_ is being made by a single developer in England, I started this about project a year ago when I was 15 and I’ve been working on it in my free time inbetween school. After many small failed project that never saw the light of day this is the closest to being finished. The IDG should allow me to but the master collection of GameMaker Studio meaning I can export to many more platforms such as linux and ouya. Thank you for taking your time reading this now go watch the video below!

The Video:

The Link: