The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Imagine a world in ruins. All civilization as we know it has collapsed and only magic prevails. A specific type of magic: Archmagia. There are four elder guilds of powerful Archmages: Rune Carvers, Technomancers, Necromancers and Shamans, who are experts in twisting and molding mana to cast amazing spells and summon mighty creatures. These guilds have been preparing for the final battle. Now, war has been declared and the Archmages will draw upon their arcane powers to conquer their enemies and gain the final victory.

In Archmagia, you will cast a great variety of spells. You will also summon awesome creatures and command them so that they will crush anyone who is crazy enough to oppose your powers.

Archmagia is a trading card game with two great innovations:

A strategic component: creatures and spells are deployed over a real 3D battlefield with stunning visual effects.
Each Archmage will have his own chamber. Chambers will be fully customizable: for example you will have the ability to add ancient artifacts, and powerful items. Your Archmage will have his chambers teleported to the battlefield, so a great chamber will add an important strategic component to the battles the Archmages will fight.

The Team:

Many-Worlds is an augmented reality company created back at 2009. We mainly develop multi-platform augmented reality software. We have a great background developing with Unity 3D and creating amazing 3D content for our apps. We have been looking for the opportunity to work in this game for several years. Now, we have decided to make it real, and we are financially supporting the development with great efforts. We are pretty excited about it and we want it to become a reality. Out team is currently formed by a programmer (Alvaro), a character designer (Adrián), and a generalist CG artist (Elias).

The Video:

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