The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Barrels & Bulls


The Project:

Barrels & Bulls is an Action Strategy game that puts you in control of a pair of rodeo clowns on their quest for greatness, or at least another night of hot beans. Draw out paths for your clowns to follow to help keep each other from meeting the dangerous end of the burger. Distract bulls and protect lazy cowboys using whacky tools, then jump in a barrel right before getting shishkabobbed. As you progress you’ll face not only some truly fierce bovine, you’ll also have to deal with a series of escalatingly hightech robobulls. Luckily the tools you have get better too! You might start with a moldy wooden barrel, but before long you’ll have rocketpropelled bull blasters. Stay in the rodeo circuit long enough, and you’ll be the best clowning team ever!

The Team:

One and a Half Beards is a two man team composed of an artist and a designer on a quest to make whacky, verbcentric games. We’re based out of Austin, TX and powered on breakfast tacos. We like our games to have a sense of humor, to be easy to pick up, but hard to master. We’re not concerned with getting soldiers to shoot zombies, we’re concerned with how monkeys and dogs would fight in space. We have fun making our games, and we think you’ll have fun playing them.

The Video:

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