The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Rome, 1st century BCE: In a time of transition, the inner workings of the city are left to its people, many of whom have united into syndicates called collegia. As a collegium leader, carry the community to prosperity, whether by gaining the admiration of your countrymen or by working in the shadows to undermine your opponents. Seek wise counsel in your dealings, be they above or below board, but keep a sharp eye out lest one of your advisors decide they could do a better job.

Know that every decision will have consequences beyond your sight and that history shan’t unfold the same way twice. When a mighty warrior is brought before you, rumored to be a legendary Amazon, will you take her in and leverage those whispers for greater notoriety and underworld influence? Or will you put her on display in the gladiator pits, for huge crowds and even bigger profits? And who’s to say this Amazon won’t have her own plans?

Your every decision will send ripples out across the face of Rome, whether so slight as to pass unnoticed beneath a paper boat or of such gravity to topple a nation.

And remember: fortes fortuna iuvat!

The Team:

Art: Alison Cooley makes, does, and thinks things. She is a sometimes artist, curator, writer, educator and art historian based in Toronto.

Writing and Research: Hadley Staite is a current student in Classics at the University of Toronto. The time for dreaming of Rome has passed. Now is the time to rebuild it!

Programming and Game Design: Berv has been wading further and further out into the swirling waters of game design and now seeks to kick it up a notch. An incredible collaboration, you say? Don’t mind if I do!

The Link: