The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Glorious: Companions


The Project:

Glorious: Companions is a vast, multi-player strategy & tactical game, inspired by titles such as Mount & Blade, Heroes of Might and Magic series and Tactics Ogre. It’s a project that has been in the works for the past 4 years and even longer if we count the concept and mechanics that existed before in Dushan’s original fantasy pen-and-paper RPG system.

You start off as a Lord Commander of one of the factions of the Navaroth world. You get your basic troops, basic gear and you fight your way up to gain influence in the game’s online world. And whether you are from the Kingdom of Anderia, lands of the wild Scarres or perhaps from one of the Valrenay cities, you will want to get more power.

Joining a powerful house, family or alliance, winning a city siege, sitting right next to the other Family Heads in the Council, or even becoming a king and making decisions that will affect everyone in the game – there are lots of goals that each player can set for himself.

The battles are played out in a classic turn-based format. The mechanics, that have been tested and designed for years, are demanding and yet rewarding for both sides.

There are lots of complex aspects that players need to learn if they want to get an edge on the battlefield.

Different weapons pierce different types of armor and have different characteristics (some can even one-shot certain units), wounded units have a number of negative effects on them, your attacks differ based on what part of the body you hit, hell, even a Deployment Phase plays a big role.

But don’t worry, my friend. You’ll have plenty of time to hone your skill. Even if you so happen to lose a game or two, you’ll still enjoy the small victories of your soldiers (Like your favorite archer scoring a meaty headshot, or your mighty gladiator going on a killing spree. All of which resulting in bonus experience points.).

The Team:

We are a 3-men, Polish team – Spiffy Goats. We’ve left the college to be able to continue developing this ambitious project on a shoestring budget.

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