The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Hyphen is a must have addition to any puzzle/action game lover’s collection. Navigate a rotating stick through intricate and fiendish neon mazes while trying to avoid the walls and obstacles. Although it sounds extremely simple, it’s fun and infuriatingly challenging at the same time. Coupled with an awesome soundtrack and gorgeous glowing visuals this game will blow your mind in more ways than one.

The Team:

FarSpace Studios is a software development company founded and operated by Marc McCann and Robert Blackburn. We make professional quality software and games independently of a publisher and don’t feel the need to spend millions of £’s on production. Playing games has been a lifelong passion of both Marc and Robert, coupled with our 20+ combined years of software development experience and sheer drive to succeed we believe we can make a positive impact on the market and create high quality titles that stand out from those created by other independent developers. Being small isn’t an excuse for making sub par software, it is just another obstacle to work around and in a lot of ways beneficial.

The Link: