The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Morphium is an evolving project. We’re on our eighth prototype concept now. The focus is to find a gameplay experience that is really compelling, and is within our limited capacity to deliver. During this iteration, we’re focused on a card game.

We’ve constructed a compelling cyberpunk universe for Morphium. In the near future scientists discover the titular material: Morphium. It’s a crystaline composite of germanium and a few other metals. Morphium was immediately useful as a replacement for silicon in computer chips. Since germanium is comparatively hard to find, the price skyrocketed. Morphium provides the “magic” for the game world. The game takes place in a mining colony on the verge of war. Those with more morphium are able to use that power to take it from the rest.

The player has a morphium engine, which generates morphium every turn. During a turn, a player takes exactly one action. Those actions are: Switch module (draw card), upgrade engine, activate module. You always have a module installed in your Arm, Head, Chest and Leg slots. Each slot has a seperate deck, and does different sorts of things. When you upgrade your engine, you get an extra morphium / turn.

The Team:

The goal of Arkebus is to create an open game development environment.  To us, openness means that anyone who is interested should be able to help make games, and should be fairly compensated for their efforts.  If you want to run the forums, great!  If you want to do PR, we need that too!  If you want to make art, we’ll make sure you get your share.  Once the game comes out, money will be distributed to each participant according to the value of their contributions.

The Link: