The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Okhlos is a game about an angry mob of ancient Greeks who set out to free the world from the gods’ tyrannical reign, while destroying pretty much everything in their way.
You will have to lead the mob throughout the main Greek cities, facing in each of them unique challenges based around the god that is worshipped there. You will have lots of fighting in Sparta, plenty of thinking to do in Athens and a lot of partying when facing Dionysius. You get the idea! Also, each unit will have its unique set of skills, making the mob unique each time you play. There will be heroes, warriors, philosophers, chickens, slaves and much more!
It is not easy to fit Okhlos into a genre. It has plenty of action but also some strategy and puzzles, sometimes all mixed in a weird way. What is sure about it, is that it has amazing 2D pixel-art sprites in a 3D world with dynamic lighting, and it is aimed to be released in early 2014 for PC/Mac/Linux.

The Team:

Okhlos is being developed by a pair of game developers from Argentina, Roque and Sebastian. Hi! Almost two years ago we left our jobs in the gaming industry to start making our own games and that is what we are doing today, working full time on Okhlos, our second project. You can follow all our updates from our website:

The Video:

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