The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

SpaceHawk is a top down space shooter game that offers a unique mix of frantic action and RPG elements.

Every ship in universe has fully customizable colour schemes and offers unique abilities such as shields, engine boosters, repair systems and temporary power boosts so that whatever ship you pilot has its own unique feel and personality to match your style.

The story centres on the galactic conflict between 4 private sectors, where allegiances rise and fall and a mercenary has everything to gain.

SpaceHawk will take you on a journey to dozens of different planets to complete dangerous contracts and do battle in any way you choose. Weather you fight for a side in this conflict is up to you, lay down allegiances or fight purely for profit, the choice is yours in the midst of a galactic war waged for centuries.

Key Features:

Learn the story behind each of the 4 sectors, through a fully realised campaign.

Engage in challenging Boss Fights and ship to ship combat.

Explore lush landscapes and settings that are individually themed to each race.

Multiple choice ending, which faction will you support, or will you keep your mercenary roots.

The Team:

KittenBoxx Studios is a small team of 4 graduates from Staffordshire University; we all have a real passion for engaging and different games and believe that’s exactly what we can deliver to the current market. Working tirelessly to see the release of this project, the team have thrown every spare hour we have into it to ensure it’ll be the very best it can be. Each member of the team has received awards in the past ranging from Make Something Unreal 2013 to a Picasso award for Best Art.

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