The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Super Dungeon Bros


The Project:

Originally prototyped for the OUYA console, Super Dungeon Bros quickly exploded in all directions into an action-packed multiplayer dungeon crawler with a penchant for puzzles and a comical edge. Play as the raddest medieval warriors Axl, Ozzie, Lars, & Freddie, from Blackw√∂lf University’s most infamous fraternity, Beta Rho Omega. Slay anything and everything in your path from nefarious undead to legendary beasts in your quest to bring honor back to your fraternity and pay off your totally bogus tuition fees. Outsmart the devious booby traps and raid the tombs for loot and plunder; don’t forget to chug the vintage brewskis, you’ll need your strength and courage to face the horrors of passing Intro to Dungeoneering 101.

Frantic 1-4 player action offers a full range of deadly weapons to help you hack and slash through the monsters that fill the maze-like catacombs. Descend through dozens of levels of cursed tombs that get harder and deadlier the closer you get to the diabolical dungeon boss. Featuring full voice overs and a fresh, deviously comical script, Super Dungeon Bros by React! Games is the ultimate party action game that will keep you on the edge of your seat while screaming “Bros before foes!”

The Team:

React! Games is an award winning video game developer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in 2008, we’ve produced over 30 games, including the classic remake of Archon, and specialize in mobile/tablet and multi-platform development. We’re small, agile, and fiercely passionate, and while we’ve done our share of client work, our gamer hearts lie squarely in the Indie games space. Our hope is to be able to create games that we ultimately want to play, the type of experiences that resonate with gamers that live and breath video games. Check out for more information.

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