The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Ten Aces

Ten Aces

The Project:

“Ten Aces” is a tactical turn-based Rpg emphasizing on the players’ ability to predict the enemy’s actions

Ten Aces are 10 demigod siblings destined to be at war. Every one of them will be playable, along with many more characters. The game will include Permadeath and based on the players decisions and actions, the end of each Ace’s story will be different. Permadeath will exist for your characters and the enemies’. The combination of all the stories will result in a unique “ending” completely different in each playthrough, and completely different from what the other players have experienced. How would a truly dynamic story in an epic fantasy setting sound to you?

The Team:

Over a year ago five of us founded this team hoping to give life to “Ten Aces”. But we are facing obstacles. We need to cover expenses of the game, because as you can imagine “Ten Aces” is a quite large project. We hope you will support us in our effort!

The Video:

The Demo:–demo-download

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