The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Ashen Rift: A man and his dog


The Project:

Ashen Rift follows the life of a man and his canine companion Bounder as they seek to get to the core of earths dire situation. Together as they do so they encounter strange corruptions of man within the twisted and suffocated remains of Earth.

“20 years ago some scientists and military folk got to meddlin’ in things they ought to have left alone, they called it a “rift” or some such.

Now the whole damn earth is almost entirely empty and she’s about to breathe her last breath. I don’t reckon I know exactly what’s causing all of this, but I know what I’ve seen since then and it ain’t right… Maybe it’s not too late for earth, maybe shes got some fight left in her.”

With Bounder by your side you will scrounge for whatever ammo and explosives you can find and when that fails you will grab dirt, rocks or any other found objects around you to maim and distract the beasts which wander aimlessly looking, smelling and listening for a meal.

The Team:

My name is Barry Michael Collins, a 13+ year game industry freelance artist and I have been solo developing Ashen Rift part time for almost 3 months… Development halted a month ago when I found out my father had died in a tragic and very depressing manner, I am just now bouncing back from this upset and resuming development with new found burning need to make something of my life, I hope Ashen Rift can be the starting point for me to be able to continue developing the games I dream of playing.

The Video:

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