The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Candy Wars


The Project:

“Candy Wars” is a FPS with many innovative features!

You can build your own castle with the builder in the game and place your siege weapons wherever you want. You can use them to devastate the opponents’ castle or you can try to sneak into his castle and take him out with your crossbow. But be careful because in Candy Land everything is made of candies. So every time you kill an opponent you gain some, but then again each shot fired is wasting a few candies. So be efficient! You can play online not with one, but three other players in a free for all battle! Give them some sugar!

If we manage to win we plan on making more features for the multiplayer modes including team battles. And we hope to get a better server because we are experiencing a few problems now. Also we are probably going to change the graphics to more realistic ones.

The Team:                 

Our team is called Traptics, and we are many! Just kidding we are only three people currently on this project, one game designer, one programmer and one 3D artist. Please help us grow stronger!

The Video:–IojA

The Demo:

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