The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Codemancer is a fantasy action game which tells the story of a young girl, named Aurora, who must learn magic in order to save her father. However, in this world magic is programming, so the player must learn to code in order to win the game.

This game is intended to bring programming to an audience that wouldn’t normally be exposed to it. It is designed to appeal to young people, especially young girls, who are motivated more by narrative than by the desire to solve puzzles.

The Team:

The team is made up of myself, Rob Lockhart I’m the game designer and programmer.  Before this, I was the lead game designer at Toy Studio, and before that a programmer at Wolfram|Alpha.  There are two artists working on the project, Pui Che and Patrick Beavers. The music is being composed by David Novak.

The Video:

The Link: